Westbrook Juvenile Review Board

Westbrook’s Juvenile Review Board offers a community-based alternative to the juvenile court system for young Westbrook residents who are first time offenders.

  • What Benefits Does a JRB Offer Westbrook?

    A JRB is a healthy addition to a community as it offers its youth the opportunity to avoid juvenile court for lesser transgressions and instead accept consequences from their community. Those consequences can reflect a more informed community perspective and a rehabilitative approach as the JRB identifies meaningful consequences and services.  With the right interventions and the display of community support, we hope to actively discourage future offenses from these kids.

    JRBs are becoming increasingly important to the juvenile court system as an alternative to harsh consequences for first time offenders.  With the age change to 17, juvenile court expects to see an increase in caseload, and it has the authority to redirect to the town’s JRB at their discretion instead of processing every incident through the court system. Police can already refer to the JRBs when certain criteria are met. JRBs are also instrumental as an additional resource for truancy and defiance of school rules cases.

    Comprised of community leaders and volunteers, Westbrook’s JRB is committed to helping the youth of Westbrook. Current Westbrook JRB members include Westbrook Resident Troopers, town officials, police, active community members and representatives from Westbrook public schools, Oxford Academy, local non-profit organizations, court support services, and youth and family services.

    JRB proceedings are confidential.

More Information
JRB referrals are made by the police or state trooper on the scene.  For information on whether or not the JRB is an option, please contact the Westbrook Resident State Trooper or Westbrook Youth and Family Services for more information.


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