In Westbrook Schools

WYFS, in collaboration with the Westbrook school system, offers support services in all Westbrook’s public schools.

WYFS counselors help students by participating in early identification of potential behavioral or emotional issues. We provide in-school therapy for children, and family counseling at the agency. In each school, WYFS leads peer-mentoring groups focused on social skills, executive functioning skills, divorce or other relevant issues. We may also provide referrals for more intensive services as appropriate.

Teachers and staff refer students to WYFS. Families and students are also welcome to contact WYFS directly or drop by our offices located in each school and in the John Riggio Bldg across from Westbrook Town green.

All in-school services are provided free of charge.

School Groups (In-School and After School)


Daisy Programming

Lunch Bunch

Meets during the school day. Jill Scott-Enerson, MFT returns to facilitate these fantastic and fun Lunch Bunches this year. Each grade is assigned an interesting curriculum that grows students’ ability to manage difficult emotions, problem-solve and build compassion for themselves and others. Lunch Bunch activities includes books, games and crafts that are themed to activate students’ interest, such as Bucket Filler, S.L.I.M.E., Being Kind to Myself, and Inside Out


Meets during the school day. A support group for Daisy students who have families that are changing or have changed, through divorce, separation or any new composition. Students learn how to identify, cope and explore their feelings about their changing family and connect with peers who share similar experiences.


Meets during the school day. Daisy students whose families are from a different country will have the opportunity to connect with other students who share this experience in this unique group. Mini Globetrotters focuses on honoring the experience of leaving what is known at home and learning to build a new home in a new community.

Check out the Programs tab for more programs available to Daisy students at WYFS, including Cool Cats, Who Makes Your Life Grand, Let’s Play

Westbrook Middle School Programming

Peer Groups

Meets during the school day. Middle School students opt in for fun with our Peer Groups. Once a week, during lunch, our staff invite students to play games, chill out and connect with students in a safe zone. Each grade has activities that focus on building those connections with others, problem-solving skills, and recognizing the long term consequences of our actions.

  • The Game of Life (5th grade) which uses classic board games to tie into lessons of teamwork, setting goals and planning.
  • Super Heros (6th grade) where students learn how to be a Hero and resolve conflicts with peers while standing up for what’s right.
  • 7th graders Awaken the Force (Star Wars) as they explore balancing logic with emotions so that they can make the best choice. This year’s focus is on giving.
  • 8th graders consider Friend or Foe as they engage in games and discussions concerning how to identify and maintain healthy peer relationships. What do you do when your friend becomes a ‘frenemy’?

Going Viral

Meets AFTER school: This leadership group for all middle school students encourages kids to consider what it takes to be a leader in their school community. Through games, role-play, and discussion, students discover their unique leadership skills, and how to use and nurture them. Fall and Spring Sessions

Relaxation Club

Meets AFTER school Wednesdays in March. Carolyn Gumbrecht, LMFT shows students various ways to cope with stress and anxiety in this test-filled time period. Deep breathing, yoga and many other strategies to keep students feeling like themselves.

Don’t forget to also review our Programs page for middle school programs held at our agency!

Westbrook High School Programming

High School Life

Meets at school. This WYFS- facilitated but peer-led discussion group lets students pick the topics they want to talk about. Through games, role play, and listening to their peers, kids collaboratively figure out how to balance the many highs and lows of high school. Topics typically include relationships, stress management, image and reputation, and DRAMA (and we don’t mean theatre).


Helping Hands

High school students give back to the community. Teens discuss and decide what projects they would like to do to give back to their community. Past service has included working at the YMCA community garden which donates produce to local food banks, Mother’s Day “glam” for Seniors, supporting various community events (voting, school open houses, and educational presentations) by watching the little ones. WYFS facilitates, providing food and a meeting venue.


If you would like your student to participate in any of these groups,please contact Shannon Murphy at 860-399-9239, ext. 12.